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Written by  Sylwia Grzegórzko  ella-bryant-croco-magazine20161219_0001

Where are you from and where do you live?

I was raised in Byron Bay, Australia. And I have spent the last 7 years travelling (most extensively in Asia) and in the interim, I have lived in Melbourne, Phillip Island, Noosa, Gold Coast and I’m moving to Bali for a photojournalism internship in 2 weeks!


How are woman seen within society in your country? Does the direction you go with your photography have to do anything with it?

Women in my country, and particularly in the community in which I was raised, have a reasonably valid and respected voice in comparison to other cultures around the world. However, I am of the opinion that society, as a whole, still has a long way to go in its acceptance of women being sexually empowered individuals.

I definitely attempt to shoot my female subjects in a way that reinforces their undeniable right to be fierce and confident and strong.


Do you think it is easier for you as a female photographer to take risqué portraits of female models?

I think that being a woman, working alongside other women, definitely gives me an advantage in certain ways- there is an undeniable sense of comfort and ease during shoots because I understand and appreciate the female form on a personal level (being female myself and having grown up in a family of women). I find that my models have an almost immediate sense of trust towards me, especially when I am directing them. This definitely helps their personality and sass shine through in the final images.

Perhaps that isn’t necessarily a product of me being a woman though? I follow multiple male artists who shoot insane, controversial, beautiful, often tastefully sexual images of women which seem very authentic to me, so it may just come down to being a respectful and professional photographer.


From your Instagram page it looks like you are living a rockstar life style, how is it in reality?

I am absolutely no rock-star haha in real life I am a design school drop-out turned waitress who drinks too much coffee and spends all of my money on plane tickets and thrift store junk. BUT everything that I shoot is more or less reality! There have been photos of mine that look staged and completely unrealistic but were genuine, candid moments that I just happened to capture at the perfect time (for example, whipped cream being poured into one of my friends mouths at a lingerie party. That was actually a real moment). My camera comes almost everywhere with me, so no Kodak moment goes undocumented, especially when I am overseas.


I see there is a lot of beaches in your photography, what are the 3 things you must have for your desert island scenario?

I grew up in a coastal town and have spent the better part of a decade travelling to the tropics- Sri Lanka, Goa, Thailand, Bali etc. So, naturally, I have a reoccurring ‘paradise’ theme in my images.

But to be totally honest, I don’t have any prerequisites for my photos! I just shoot landscapes as I see them HOWEVER palm trees have been a pretty massive inspiration for me. I suppose they portray a particularly tropical vibe to the audience which I love. I am very much about colour in my travel photography and even in my cooking actually! I think that is why I am so drawn to countries like India and Sri Lanka. The saturation of colour is…captivating, for lack of a less pretentious word haha.


Your selfies series – why did you feel the urge to make this social phenomenon a topic of your series?

Ahhh, my selfie series is an all time favourite concept of mine! I am a bit of a fire-starter when it comes to getting ‘conversation’ happening online. I just really love getting people talking about real shit every now and then to distract them from another ‘What is your Pokemon personality quiz’ link.

I use my facebook status’s as a platform for this often and my selfie series was a way for me to use my images for the same purpose.

So, I affectionately named the series the Selfiesteem Collection with the hope that it would spark some discussion about the unfair guilt associated with vanity and self-confidence but ALSO and more importantly, why we do all feel the pressure to appear ‘perfect’ (whatever the hell that actually is) on social media.


Your favourite photo equipment?

My favourite camera is my Pentax ME Super which is an SLR 35mm film camera but recently, I have been doing night flash photography on my Konica C35 happy snap (my Pentax doesn’t have a flash). The style of photography between the two cameras is very different though. My Pentax takes much softer images, whereas the Konica is very sharp and kind-of edgy.


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