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Written by Flavia CatenaGuy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2656

Guy Cross is a young photographer and filmmaker based in Wallingford, a small town close to Oxford, UK. He likes to describe himself as a perfectionist and an introvert, although he loves meeting other creatives and collaborating with them. His photography world is populated mainly by medium format – or even iPhones – photos of his friends, captured in the moments of relaxation and fun. Here is Guy’s secret to taking a great photo: have a special relationship with the people and the places shot. As long as a feeling of reality and honesty is preset it becomes part of the image, that image becomes real and its beauty comes out.

Processed with VSCO with 4 presetGuy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2655Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2651Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2654Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2650Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2653Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2652Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2649Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2648Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2647Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2646Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2645Guy Cross - Croco Magazine20170320_2644Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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